The QUG website facelift

The QUG website has become progressively old fashioned and cumbersome to maintain. So time for a change!

This website is a proposal for a new format, that is hopefully easier to read, more interesting and helpful for new visitors to the site to find unexpected treasures therein!

The concept is intended to be more informal and encourage more participation from visitors. The site should be equally accessible from a mobile phone, tablet or a conventional computer. 

The colours and style are intended to be subdued, easy to read under all conditions. 

Commenting is enabled for this post so please feedback your suggestions and concerns. 

3 thoughts on “The QUG website facelift

  1. Hi Laurie
    Hope you are well.
    There doesn’t seem to be any information on the ‘old’ site about the cost of the 2019 conference and how to book. Have I missed that?
    Post above needs ‘or’ between ‘tablet’ and ‘from’.

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