Pamphlet 27: ‘Signposts to the Future? Creation Centred Spirituality and the Sea of Faith’, Josephine Teagle, 1997

Explores similarities and differences in two visions of future spiritual paths.

In this essay Josephine Teagle tries to bring together those threads which
make up the spiritual reality of her life today. Broadly speaking they are
labelled as ‘Quaker universalism’ and ‘creation-centred spirituality’. They are informed by the rapprochement between science and religion. humanistic psychologies, and an understanding of the value of those traditional stories and metaphors which carry the archetypal myths underlying our patterns of consciousness.

Whilst creation-centred spirituality speaks most closely to her condition, she also values the insights gained through the Sea of Faith Network meetings and publications. In some ways creation-centred spirituality and the Sea of Faith path complement each other, but at the core they seem to be in a fundamental disagreement. This disagreement is to do with the ‘mysticism’ of creation-centred spirituality and the ‘humanism’ of the Sea of Faith. How real is this disagreemenf? Is it a misunderstanding of language, or of experience, or of false symbolism? This is what she seeks to explore.

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