Pamphlet 45: Health and Healing – 2022

In April 2022 QUG held its first ever blended annual conference. We met in Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre and were joined by an approximately equal number of people online. We had four speakers, two at Woodbrooke and two online, all approaching the topic from a different viewpoint.

We heard about the Kelabit in Borneo, health and healing in Chinese medicine, some aspects of mental, social and spiritual health, and the Friends Fellowship of Healing.

The pamphlet ends with a concluding section bringing all the ideas together in a universalist context. There is also reference to our February 2022 Universalist, where some other aspects of health and healing are explored. 

The contributors:

Dr. Monica Janowski has been a lecturer at Sussex University and at SOAS, University of London, and is currently a research fellow at the Sarawak Museum and SE Asia curator at Hull University. She is a Quaker, finding her own spirituality rooted in nature, and has recently trained as a forest bathing guide.

Ranald MacDonald has practised Chinese medicine and taught Tai Chi for forty years. Ranald is a Quaker attender and lives in Devon.

Dr. Neil Morgan trained in medicine and psychiatry and worked in the NHS for twenty years, eleven as a Consultant Medical Psychotherapist. He now has a full-time private practice, as a psychoanalyst. He is a Quaker who lives in St Albans.

Gervais Frykman represents the Friends Fellowship of Healing, one of the largest single interest groups in the Religious Society of Friends in Britain. Gervais is a Quaker who lives in Yorkshire.

Tony Philpott was a headteacher of a comprehensive school in Hampshire. He retired in 2003. He is presently Clerk of QUG. In 2013 he wrote From Christian to Quaker – a spiritual journey from evangelical Christian to universalist Quaker.

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