About QUG

Our beginnings

The Quaker Universalist Group (QUG) was founded following a talk given by John Linton in 1977. This talk is reproduced in our Pamphlet No. 1 published in 1979 – Quakerism as Forerunner.

Our statement of principle, which underlies what we set out to do, is written below. It can be found in more general terms in Quaker Faith and Practice 27.04, written by Alastair Heron, Ralph Hetherington and Joseph Pickvance in 1994.

Further reflections are to be found on the Posts page here

Quaker Universalism

Spiritual Awareness

Is accessible to everyone of any religion or none,

and no one person

and no one faith

has the final revelation

or monopoly of truth.

Such awareness may be expressed in many different ways.

We delight in this diversity.