Pamphlet 32: ‘Choosing Life: Embracing Spirituality in the 21st Century’, Joycelin Dawes, 2008

Drawing on the Author’s extensive experience of contemporary spirituality, this highly accessible booklet outlines an engaged spirituality for our time, one that takes the reality of the troubled world and the global challenges we face as the basis for urgent, compassionate action. Combining experiential exercises with a clear conceptual framework – and always with an eye to how our spirituality needs to find practical expression in the world – Choosing Life encourages each of us to be experiential, to find our still centre and express our love for life and our connectedness with all phenomena. Helping us to make sense of the changing spiritual landscape of early twenty-first century Britain, this is an exciting call to a life-affirming, sustaining and sustainable spirituality which for the Author is grounded in the Quaker tradition of collective discernment but which has a universal relevance and appeal.

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