The Quaker Universalist Group welcomes people from both inside and outside the Religious Society of Friends, of any religion or none

  • to explore the underlying universalist thinking of Quakers and its relevance to modern society
  • to create, through deep spiritual exploration, a new philosophy for the contemporary world, drawing on the wisdom of other religions and cultural backgrounds
  • to seek an uncluttered way of worship that is tolerant, healing and holistic, and calls for everyday living with integrity

 To join now or renew your membership:

Please contact our membership secretary, Glen Gates using this form

    Contact Membership Secretary

    Alternatively complete and return the membership application form here (.pdf) (.docx) which includes details of subscription rates, and payment details.

    If you become a member you will:

    • support an exciting development within Quakerism in our increasingly globalised but fragmented world
    • receive the Universalist free, three times per year
    • receive the e-newsletter

    As a new member you will receive two free QUG pamphlets of your own choice.

    Please remember:

    • you do not have to be a Quaker or to have a defined faith to join QUG
    • you do not have to be a Quaker or a member of QUG to join in our activities (including coming to our conferences), purchase the Universalist or receive our newsletter.



    Renewals for QUG membership were due on 1st January, so to renew your subscription for this year (or to join QUG for the first time) please complete the Membership Form  here (.pdf) (.docx) which includes details of subscription rates, and payment details.

    As a member you usually receive two free issues of our journal Universalist each year plus a free copy of the QUG pamphlet which contains the written papers/articles from the conference.

    While most members choose to receive these publications as hard copies, the option is also available to receive them in e-form, at a reduced membership rate (see below). Please note that if you are receiving a paper copy of Universalist you may request to receive it in e-form as well, at no extra cost. Please contact our membership secretary (see inside front cover) for more details.

    If you include an email address on the application/renewal form we will put you on our e-list to receive additional e-newsletters and information unless you request otherwise.

    Annual Subscription rates for 2021

    with e-mail copywith paper copy
    UK Member£12£18
    Extra paper copy of publicationsn/a£12

    If you live outside the UK please consult the membership secretary for rates.

    New members will receive two free pamphlets of their choice.

    We encourage members to take out a Standing Order because this is helpful in reducing the work for your volunteer committee. You can also pay directly into our bank account by Giro or electronic transfer. If you do this, please notify the Treasurer of the date and amount so that he can identify your payment.

    To set up a Standing Order you can use this standing order mandate form (.pdf) (.docx)

    Thank you.