Pamphlet 41: ‘Truth: reflections broadly (but not only) in a Quaker context’, Joycelin Dawes, 2018

Joycelin presents a comprehensive overview of Quakers’ understanding of truth as a way of life, found in the deepest inward part of ourselves and the seat of our spiritual experience. This approach to truth is considered within the context of current philosophical thinking about the differences in how the concept of truth is perceived and validated in subjective experiences (e.g. religion) and objective experiences (e.g. science).

The author writes: ‘I see truth in a Quaker context as a search for the deepest reality we can each experience, a search that both demands and, for me, is expressed, through honesty, integrity and clarity. I associate honesty with truth of the mind, integrity with truth of the heart and clarity with truth of the will, all in unison.’

Joycelin is an established writer on Quaker and contemporary spirituality. Her most recent book Discernment and Inner Knowing is a ground breaking study that explores spiritual and secular discernment using a contemporary model of management change.

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