Pamphlet 34: ‘ Islam Today: A Muslim Quaker’s View’, Christopher Bagley, 2015

Christopher Bagley is a member of the Quaker Universalist Group who is both a Quaker and a Muslim. Islam Today: A Muslim Quaker’s View is a very personal account of Islam and the many issues around it.
This pamphlet is relevant to a number of questions facing us today. How does the openness of Quakerism (and even more so Quaker Universalism) square with the statement that God’s final message to humanity was given to us through the Qur’an? What is a fundamentalist (Quaker, Christian, Muslim, etc.)? How can an understanding of Islam help us to tackle the pressing problems in the world today, especially violence? What are the similarities and differences between Quakerism and Islam? Is there a core to all religions or are there incompatible differences between them?
To give a flavour of the pamphlet the section headings are as follows: Fundamental Values of Quakers and Muslims; Introduction; Early Quakers and Islam; Islam Today; How I became a Muslim; The Bible and Its Three Books; The Qur’an; The Idea of Jihad; The Prophets of Islam; The Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad; The Message of Prophet Jesus; Women and Islam; Islam and Education; Islam as a Minority Group – the Plural Society Debate; Science, Creation and Islam; Palestine, Israel and Islam; Islam and Non-Violence; Modern Challenges for Islam; Quakers, Catholics and Islam.

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