Pamphlet 03: ‘Christ in a Universe of Faiths’, John Hick, 1982

Your religion depends on where you were born, and any credible faith must take account of this.

If salvation ( becoming fully human) is the central business of religion, then a Christian must ask about the clear salvation people find through other religions . Is this all the work of Christ (through an implicit Christianity, cloaked in another creed )?

Are there “anonymous Christians “ within other religions ? And vice versa !

We need a Copernican revolution, shifting traditional Christianity from its central position and placing “God” at the centre .

What is the position of Jesus in this ?

Biblical scholarship says that Jesus’ words claiming Divinity were put into his mouth generations after him by biblical writers . Did the Church then know his Divinity, though he, perhaps , did not ?

The Jesus we see depends on us ,says Hick, and he then outlines his personal view of Jesus , which allows a genuine universalism .

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