For general enquiries to the Quaker Universalist Group (UK) please email including your name and return email address

For specific enquiries please mention the relevant committee member.

The committee are:

Clerk:   Tony Philpott  

Membership Secretary: Glen Gates

Treasurer:  Geoff Gates 

Conference Applications Secretary: Leonard Newton

Conference 2024 planning team: Peter Varney, Daniel Flynn, Hazel Barker, Tony Philpott

Website and social media team: Trevor Bending, Tony Philpott, John Tissandier

Universalist Editor:  Shona Lowe

Universalist Assistant Editor and Reviews Editor:  Peter Varney  

Universalist Distributor:  John Carvosso  

Newsletter Editor:  Tony Philpott  

QUG publications editorial group: Shona Lowe, Peter Varney, Tony Philpott

Committee Elder:   Andrew Cowan

Other committee members: Alan York