Pamphlet 44: Life, Time and Eternity, Part Two – 2021

In May 2021 QUG held its annual conference online. We had six speakers, all approaching the topic from a different viewpoint. The proceedings are published in two pamphlets, this one and No. 43. In this pamphlet there are the views of a Hindu and a scientist, together with a Quaker view from the QUG BYM Gathering special interest meeting and two universalist summaries from QUG committee members. We hope the two pamphlets together will give the reader a comprehensive account of these challenging ideas.

The contributors:

Sharada Sugirtharajah is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow, Department of Theology and Religion, University of Birmingham. Sharada’s research focuses on Hinduism, religious pluralism and women’s issues.

Julian Barbour is a British physicist with research interests in quantum gravity and the history of science. He has written several books and papers, most notably his 1999 book The End of Time.

Rex Ambler was a lecturer in philosophical theology at Birmingham University for over thirty years. Now retired, he works mostly with Quakers, writing about and giving talks and workshops on Quaker faith and practice.

Peter Varney is an anthropologist who has worked with the Yoruba in Nigeria and the Iban in Borneo. He is a retired Anglican priest and a member of Norwich Local Quaker Meeting. He is on the QUG Committee, with particular responsibility for publications.

Tony Philpott is the present Clerk of QUG. He was the headteacher of a comprehensive school until his retirement in 2003. His 2013 book From Christian to Quaker – a spiritual journey from evangelical Christian to universalist Quaker was distributed to all local Quaker meetings in Britain Yearly Meeting.

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