QUG Conference 2021 – ‘Life, Time and Eternity’

We have now decided definitely to proceed with our annual conference in 2021. We have two options and we will decide on which one to take up early in 2021. Whichever we adopt the dates will be the same – May 14th to 16th – so please keep these free if you are interested in attending.

The first option will be a ‘blended conference’, with some visiting Woodbrooke in person, and others joining online. All five of our original speakers are still able to attend and will either come in person or present their talk online (either live, or recorded). The second option will be a conference that is entirely online, with pre-recorded or live talks presented online over the weekend. There will be discussions – in plenary or in breakout rooms using Zoom.

For details of the speakers and more information about the conference planning see Conference 2021 Life, Time and Eternity/

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