QUG Conference 2021 – ‘Life, Time and Eternity’ – Update

We have now decided that our annual conference ‘Life, Time and Eternity’ will be online only and run from Friday 7th to Saturday 15th May 2021. It is too risky to try to plan a blended conference this year. We hope to return to Woodbrooke in April 2022.

We have six speakers. They are:

  • Philip Young – from a Christian perspective
  • Sharada Sugirtharajah – form a Hindu perspective
  • Murray Corke – from a Buddhist perspective
  • Shaykh Arif – from a Muslim perspective
  • Julian Barbour – from a scientific perspective
  • Peter Varney – from an anthropological perspective

Rather than cramming the conference into one weekend we are spreading it over two weekends and the Wednesday in between. We are avoiding Sundays so that people can attend their usual Sunday meetings if they wish to.

The dates are:

  • Friday 7th May – 1900 – Session 1
  • Saturday 8th May – 1030 – Session 2
  • Saturday 8th May – 1430 – Session 3
  • Wednesday 12th May – 1900 – Session 4
  • Friday 14th May – 1900 – Session 5
  • Saturday 15th May – 1030 – Session 6
  • Saturday 15th May – 1430 – Session 7

Each session will be about 1¾ hours long and will involve a talk, small group discussion in breakout rooms, and a plenary. Participants of course can choose which sessions to attend. Session 7 will be a plenary to try to summarise the whole conference.

Each talk will be recorded and put on the website; also in June we hope to publish a pamphlet containing all the talks.

We will allocate the speakers to sessions at the end of January and we will then update the website. We will also tell you when and how to register. Because we are using Zoom we will not be charging participants. We hope many of you will join us to discuss this challenging and exciting topic.

2 thoughts on “QUG Conference 2021 – ‘Life, Time and Eternity’ – Update

  1. Dear Friends,
    I don’t know if the whole of my Further information comments were received – so just to repeat that I am partially sighted and may need help at times with using Zoom, and, if any handouts are circulated, it would be helpful if they’re in font size 14 or 16.
    Many thanks,
    In friendship,

    1. Dear Judith,
      Thanks for your registration. We will try to ensure that handouts etc are printed as you ask but we don’t have full control of this as we depend on our speakers for any documents.
      In friendship

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