The Quaker Universalist Group welcomes people from both inside and outside the Religious Society of Friends:

  • those wishing to explore the underlying universalism of Quaker thought and practice, its relevance to the variety of religious groupings in modern society and its widening horizons
  • those who will appreciate the Quaker Meeting for Worship based on silence, where personal differences of belief may be absorbed and where they may come to experience an underlying peaceable unity
  • those who are open to and value the stimulation that can arise from the spiritual insights of other members, including those that come from different religions or cultural backgrounds or profess no religious affiliation
  • those who wish to be more open about their faith and to fashion, through the experience of a deeper spiritual exploration, a new philosophy that gives meaning to our contemporary world
  • those who seek an uncluttered way of worship that is tolerant, healing and holistic, and calls for everyday living with integrity;
  • those who can reach out to Friends in local Meetings and help move the Society forward with love, joy, courage and exuberance to find together a new and united vision.

If you become a member you will:

  • support an exciting development within Quakerism in our increasingly globalised but fragmented world
  • receive the Universalist free, three times per year
  • receive the e-newsletter
  • be put in contact with other members, e.g. in your own locality.

As a new member you will receive two free QUG pamphlets of your own choice.

AND please remember:

  • you do not have to be a Quaker to join QUG
  • you do not have to be a Quaker or a member of QUG to join in our activities (including coming to our conferences), purchase the Universalist or receive our newsletter.

 To join now or renew your membership:

Please contact our membership secretary, Glen Gates by email at

Alternatively complete and return the membership application form which includes details of subscription rates, and payment details. 

Membership and subscription information and forms – 2019 –  (.doc) (.pdf)