Diary of Events

  • Sat
    10:00 - 12:30 (followed by bring-and-share lunch)Winchmore Hill Quaker Meeting House N211LE

    During the referendum campaign and after the vote Quakers have had, corporately, very little to say. Many meetings report not even being able to discuss the issues.

    Sarah Dodgson, as an Eva Koch Scholar, with the support of Woodbrooke, spoke to over 200 Quakers with varying views for the history project "Quakers and the UK European Referendum".However they voted, many Quakers reported being unhappy with the honesty and effectiveness of our British politics.There are serious issues about how and whether Brexit, will take place and its effect on our communities.

    • Does our unhappiness stem from a broader perspective about truth in politics?
    • In a post-Truth world what do our traditional testimonies call us to do?
    • How can we continue to walk cheerfully and try to mend the world?
    • North London Area Meeting invite all Quakers to this discussion which precedes our afternoon AM business meeting.
    Registration not needed but intention to attend helpful to whq.clerk@gmail.com.
  • Fri
    Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre, Birmingham

    ‘QUAKER UNDERSTANDINGS OF TRUTH – In religion, in a Quaker meeting for worship, in the media’

    One of the Quaker testimonies is ‘Truth and Integrity’.

    • What does this mean when we live in a pluralist society with many different religions (or none) claiming to be ‘the truth’?
    • How do we find out the truth as an individual Quaker and in a Quaker meeting for
    • How can we get to the truth in the media, which can so often spread lies and half-truths?
    • Can we sit by as the results of ‘post-truth’ lead to more inequality, poverty, hatred and violence?

    See here for details of this conference