Why be a Quaker Universalist?

London Quakers

This talk at London Quakers will be given by Tony Philpott (Clerk of the Quaker Universalist Group) followed by group discussion and a plenary session.

  • Why do people have different beliefs about the meaning and purpose of life?
  • Doesn’t truth come from ‘all religions or none’ and not just a small sect in one of the world’s major belief systems?
  • Can peace only come when we fully respect other people and their beliefs?
  • Do Quaker Universalists lead the way in helping our society become less divided?

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QUG 2019 Annual Conference ‘FORGIVENESS – Why forgive?’

Full details and booking forms for the QUG 2019 Conference have now been posted.

The conference will take place on Friday May 10th (6 p.m.) – Sunday May 12th (2 p.m.) at the Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre, 1046 Bristol Road, Birmingham, B29 6LJ

In this conference we will explore our understanding of forgiveness from a range of religious, moral and psychological perspectives and in a range of situations.

It is widely assumed, in religions and in societies more generally, that forgiveness is a ‘good thing’ and that we ‘ought’ to forgive (or at least try to forgive) those that offend against us. In this conference we will be examining this assumption in depth in order to deepen our understanding of forgiveness and how this may be reached.

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Exerpt of QUG Pamphlet 24. Quakerism, Universalism & Spirituality by Ralph Hetherington,

As QUG looks forward to the future and how we should develop the organisation, we  can also look back at some of the foundation thinking as written in QUG Pamphlet 24. Quakerism, Universalism & Spirituality by Ralph Hetherington, This is a statement of the Quaker Universalist position, tracing the history of Universalism in the Society and discussing the significance of spirituality within religion.
We have made available an excerpt from Ralph Hetherington’s pamphlet here