John Hick: A Philosopher of Religion’s Engagement with Racial Issues – Sharada Sugirtharajah

John Hick was an eminent academic and scholar, who has been
described by his colleagues as “one of the most – if not simply the
most – significant philosopher of religion in the twentieth century”
and “the greatest living philosopher of global religion”.
At University during the Second World War he converted to
Evangelical Christianity, but when called up for military service he
became a conscientious objector on moral grounds and joined the
Friends Ambulance Unit.
In later life he moved away from his early beliefs and became a
powerful advocate of religious pluralism.
He was a member of the URC for many years before becoming
a Quaker in 2009, three years before his death at the age of ninety.

QUG have published two new Pamphlets

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Notice of the 2018 QUG Conference ‘Quaker Understandings of Truth’

The final program for the The Quaker Universalist Annual Conference is now confirmed and can be seen on the QUG website at
It will be held on April 13th-15th, 2018 at the  Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre,1046 Bristol Rd, Birmingham B29 6LJ
The topic is ‘QUAKER UNDERSTANDINGS OF TRUTH – In religion, in a Quaker meeting for worship, in the media’.