QUG Looking Forward! – a good time to look at what QUG is about and where QUG is going in the future

We have been delighted with the support for the Quaker Universalist Group over recent years. We have had well-attended and inspiring annual conferences, lots of interest at Britain Yearly Meeting, thought-proving Universalist articles, the recent publication of two books (in 2011 and 2013) and five pamphlets (since 2015), a steady membership of about 170 and a contact list of over 500 people for our newsletter.

We obviously, therefore, serve a useful purpose in the Society of Friends and beyond. However, it is a good time to look at what we are about and where we are going in the future. The QUG committee is revisiting our aims and how we carry them out and we are seeking your help. We would be delighted if you could write to us about QUG. What are we for? What do you expect us to do to fulfil our aims? What can we do to improve what we are doing? How do we fit into the Quaker movement as a whole? Should we just continue as a national body or is there scope for some regional activity as well? How well do we use the internet and social media in all of this? How should we contribute to a revised Quaker faith and practice? If you would like to send us answers to these questions please email the present clerk of QUG, Tony Philpott, at tonyp@qug.org.uk.

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